I‧Loan Rules

The default lending period is 7 day(s) for eBooks, and 2 day(s) for eMagazines.
After the loan period is over, the eBooks will automatically expire. Read and download them for no fines and no late fees.

For borrowing information, such as how many items you can borrow and for how long, visit the「Circulation Policy page 」(Information > Circulation Policy).

(1) Log into your account and click on “Bookshelf” from the top bar. You will see the items that you checked out with the expiration dates highlighted in red. See the pictures below.

(2) In the apps, click on bookshelf icon then you can see the rest of day on the lower left corner of book cover.

Please use 學校信箱[?] and password to access eBooks and/or eMagazines. If your library card is missing, expired or invalid, or you simply can't remember password, reset it or contact the library staff for assistance.

IIReader (HyRead Library HD) Installation

Yes. Once you find the eBook you wish to check out, click on the “Borrow” button from the screen. You will be prompted to sign in with 學校信箱[?] and password , if you haven't logged in already. Next, you will be taken to your personal “Bookshelf” where you can specify whether you want to read the title online or download it for reading offline. Tap the icon for online reading to access the chosen title.

(1) Make sure you have at least 44.8M of free space your computer hard drive before your download.
(2) If the internet connection is not stable, you may encounter issues downloading files. An alert message indicating component missing may pop up.

If your computer operating system is Windows XP, you do not have the components of .Net Framework 4 (or later) embedded in your PC. The system will ask if you would like to install that platform automatically. If the system does not install automatically, you can manually install it. To manually install, go to: "Start > All programs > file [HyWeb] > file [Hyread Library] > install dotNet"

III‧Reader Operation

You can use up to three devices simultaneously to access the eBooks you have downloaded.

This is the distance from the library to your location, determined by GPS.

There are several ways for searching through the collection. For PC and Mac users, use the search box in the top right-hand corner for general searches or Advanced Search for more specific searches. For smartphones and tablets, download the mobile HyRead App. In the app, on the top Classification List. Click “All” or choose the category of item that you want to search. Enter your keyword(s) into the search box and hit Enter.

Log in to HyRead, click on bookshelf icon and then then click the icon for “sync bookshelf” to retrieve the eBooks you have checked out.

(1) By default, there are ten trial eBooks for users to try out for free.
(2) There are Borrowed and Free in your bookshelf, you can switch the bookshelf to check the borrowed and free books.

(1) You can renew directly if there are no holds on the item.
(2) Click on bookshelf icon, selet the Borrwed bookshelf and choose the item in the " Expired / Returned" area you want to renew and tap the “Reborrow” button for renewal.

After the lending period, the eBook will simply expire from your device. There is no overdue penalty. Ignore the “overdue” tag shown on the book cover.
However, if you would like to manually return the eBook on or before the due date:
(1) In the HyRead homepage, please login to your account and click on “book” icon from the top bar, then choose the item and tap the “Return” botton.

(2) In the apps, you may login to your account, click on the bookshelf icon from the top right corner, choose the item and tap the “Return” botton.

IV‧eBook Reading

After you download an eBook with audio/visual features or an audiobook, you can listen to it immediately.
(1) In the apps, from the top bar, click on "Music" icon to get an audio/Media playlist of your listening options.
(2) Online reading/offline reading: Click on the "blue box" to play the audio recording.

This should not be an issue if your personal computers have Windows Vista or later. If you are still using Windows XP, you will not be able to access audio or visual features because there is no audible component embedded in the XP version of Windows Media Player. Please manually install the latest version of Windows Media Player (visit: Microsoft) to your computer to play your downloaded audiobooks.

Some eBooks are available to print, but not all due to individual publisher-specified limits.
(1) For eBook titles that allow for printing, the field named “Print Rights” shows “Printable”, if the eBook that not allow for printing, the “Print Rights” field shows “Unprintable”.
(2) The printer icon would be displayed in the top bar. Tap the printer icon to generate a printing view when devices are in reading mode. Please see the following pictures for printing instructions.

In single page reading mode, the “Highlighter” feature is in the top right-hand area. Click and drag the cursor to highlight your selected words or sections of text. If you use a tablet, you must set the message pane to vertical reading. Your highlighting will be saved in the pages.

If you use a computer or tablet reader, you can share up to ten pages. Click “screenshot” and “share” icon to share.

(1) Yes, if the source is text.
(2) The magnifying glass icon generates the search function.
(3) Please execute the search function after the books download is completed.

Click or tap to highlight the text then choose the color to annotate the text.